A Flor de Piel, born in April 2007, is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and Grammy® and Latin Grammy® nominee, Renato Ceron, celebrated in artistic circles under the name Renatonatiuh and front woman, Marisol Ceron, a versatile artist who deftly wears many hats - she's an author, educator, entrepreneur, and, of course, a gifted musician, recognized by her stage name, Marisol La Brava.

This group's musical essence is nothing short of a vibrant tapestry, weaving together the traditional sounds of Latin America with a global infusion of influences, including electronic elements, resulting in a mesmerizing auditory experience.

What sets A Flor de Piel apart is not just their unique fusion, but their penchant for crafting original compositions that breathe new life into timeless melodies.

One of the band's most captivating features is their multi-generational composition, which is a testament to the beauty of family bonds. The band consists of Renatonatiuh, Marisol La Brava, and their young prodigy, Sage La Bravita. This remarkable diversity allows them to effortlessly transition between musical styles, effectively enchanting audiences of all generations and diverse musical tastes.

The members of A Flor de Piel are dedicated educators, sharing their passion for music with the world. Their commitment to the art of teaching extends from the classrooms of the Chicago Public Schools, where they nurture budding musical talents, to an array of workshops covering topics as diverse as songwriting, traditional zapateado dancing, music production, and the creation of inclusive spaces for musical expression. Furthermore, they offer valuable insights into the rich tapestry of connections between Jazz and Afro-Mexican musical traditions. A Flor de Piel's members are equally at home in the role of mentors as they are on the stage or in the recording studio, seamlessly merging their artistry with education throughout their musical journey.

Marisol La Brava


Marisol “La Brava'' Ceron grew up in Chicago, Illinois and attended St. Xavier University as well as the American College of Education where she attained two masters degrees in Education and Administration and is currently a teacher and educator in Chicago. She strongly believes that education and the arts go hand in hand.  “I hope to cultivate the love of education and music in future generations.” In 2007, Marisol co-founded with spouse Renato Ceron the band “A Flor de Piel,” to be joined by their child Sage Ceron a few years after that.  The trio has recorded and released 2 EPs and multiple singles under their independent label La Brava Records. Marisol is the front woman of the band, composes original music, sings, plays the jarana, dances, co-directs and co-manages the band.  She is also a founding member of Embrujadas Chicago, a  collective created by women for women that creates events that feature and aim to empower women in the arts.  Marisol also co-hosts a podcast with colleague Jennifer Klonsky called A Toda Madreship where they talk about issues concerning women in the arts. In 2021 Marisol Ceron was awarded the Dr. Timuel Black Inspiration and Education Project Grant by the Chicago Jazz Institute for her work bridging Jazz and the Afro-Mexican music genre Son Jarocho. in 2023 Marisol was presented with the Woman of the Year award by the Women's March Foundation for her remarkable work in uplifting women through her music and work as an educator. Marisol and A Flor de Piel have been featured in Chicago's Channel 11's TV show "Chicago Tonight, Latino Voices," The Underbelly Hours' Women of Chicago. NPR's World Cafe Latin Roots named A Flor de Piel's song Windy City Love as one of the Best Alternative Songs of 2019. In 2021, The Chicago Reader recognized A Flor de Piel as "Chicago's Latinx musicians [who] rolled with the pandemic's punches" for the release of their single "Mental Lockdown" as well as livestreaming daily during the pandemic.



Renato Ceron


Renato Ceron is a Grammy® and Latin Grammy® nominated recording artist, multi-instrumentalist and educator based in Chicago.  He began playing music at the age of 7 and became a professional musician at the age of 18.  Renato was part of the first high school Mariachi band in the state of Illinois while a student at Benito Juarez High School in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Upon graduating high school Renato Ceron was recruited by his former Mariachi teacher to join Chicago's premiere traditional Mexican folk band Sones de Mexico Ensemble Chicago, with whom he toured the U.S. for 10 years and recorded 3 albums, including 2007's Esta Tierra Es Tuya/This Land Is Your Land which earned a Grammy® and a Latin Grammy® nomination.  Renato holds a Liberal Arts degree from Wilbur Wright College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music Education from Chicago State University. Renato is a music instructor and educator in the Chicago Public Schools, focusing on traditional Mexican music from various regions as well as Mariachi music. In 2007 Renato together with spouse Marisol “La Brava” Ceron, co-founded the band “A Flor de Piel,” to be joined by their child Sage Ceron a few years after.  The trio has recorded and released 2 EPs and multiple singles under their independent label La Brava Records. Renato plays multiple instruments in the band, such as guitar, jarana, vihuela, guitarron, requinto, saxophone, accordion, harp, flutes, percussion, bass, marimba, and keyboard. He also sings, co-directs and co-manages the band. Renato Ceron co-created and taught a Spanish language class called Spanish Through Music. Besides teaching and making music, Renato Ceron also enjoys drawing and painting as well as making papier mache sculptures. He also makes instruments and tarimas, or wooden platforms used to dance on in the traditional style of Mexican Son Jarocho from Veracruz.

Sage 1


Sage “La Bravita” Ceron was born in Chicago, IL.  They currently attend the Chicago Academy of The Arts, where their area of concentration is music.  Sage has been a member of “Marisol La Brava & A Flor de Piel” since its inception in 2007. They play the cajon, the jarana, the guitar and the ukulele, produce tracks, sing, rap, and dance.  They also lead educational workshops with the band.  Sofia was an instructor assistant and tutor at the Mariachi Enrichment Program at UIC College Prep High School in Chicago, IL from 2018-2019. Sage is also a composer, producer and a recording artist.  Their first composition was released in 2017.  Their latest composition, "Unapologetic" released in June 2023, advocates for and brings awareness to the trans experience aiming to serve as a tool to empower and foment pride in LGBTQIA + listeners. Sofia shines as a youthful educator within the realm of music workshops. Their vibrant and engaging teaching style captivates the minds of their students, making even the most intricate musical concepts accessible and exciting. With a blend of patience, expertise, and a deep-rooted love for music, they foster an inspiring learning environment that encourages their students to flourish both technically and creatively.